Conference Topics

The following topics for the 2020 meeting will be highlighted in the conference program either by invited talks or by selecting contributed abstracts as an oral presentation.  

Invited keynote speaker: Brian CJ Moore ("Avenues for improvements in hearing aids")



Theme topics

Invited speaker

New approaches to hearing aid fitting and service delivery


eHealth, self-fitting, wearables, hearables, OTC service delivery, individualization, objective fitting methods, physiology-based steering...

Prof Larry Humes

Ecologically valid hearing measures

Lab vs. real-world measurements, auditory ecology, EMA...

Dr Gitte Keidser

Signal processing in hearing aids

Statistical approaches, machine learning, deep neural networks, binaural algorithms...

Prof Timo Gerkmann

Lessons from epidemiological and intervention studies

Cognition, co-morbidities, ACHIEVE trial...

Dr Vicky Sanchez

Aided outcomes beyond speech intelligibility

Sound quality, music perception, emotion recognition, affective responses to aided sound...

Prof Frank Russo

Prediction of aided outcomes

Statistical and computational approaches...


Health psychology applications to hearing

Health belief model, self-determination theory, stages of change, stigma, behaviour change wheel...