Conference Topics

All areas of hearing aid research will be represented in the program primarily by poster contributions. The following topics will be highlighted in the conference program either by invited talks or by selecting contributed abstracts as an oral presentation.  

Models and their application to hearing aids

Signal processing for Hearing Aid (for example: multi-microphone networks, implantable microphones, beamformers, noise suppression

Open platforms for hearing aid development

Hearables, Wearables and Connectivity (between Hearing aids and other technology)

Objective measures for assessing aided and unaided hearing (including listening effort)

Physiologically -steered Hearing devices

Bringing the real world into the lab and vice versa: Evaluation in more realistic environments

Binaural hearing aids and fitting (loudness, speech intelligibility, spatial awareness ….)

Individualized diagnostics, fitting and rehabilitation

Rehabilitative Audiology and big data

Multimodal hearing and borderline between CI and hearing aids