Dear IHCON attendees,

I hope you and your families are coping well during these challenging times.

The IHCON Technical Program Committee and IHAS Committee recently met and we sadly decided that it is in the best interest of everyone to cancel the currently scheduled 2020 meeting. We will not delay the meeting until the Fall of 2020. Reasons for this is that 'we don’t know what we don’t know’ and therefore we do not know (1) how the COVID-19 situation will unfold, (2) most people will not be able to get their work done adequately, and (3) it is better for us to have a clear and decisive statement that the meeting is canceled so that people are not suspended in a state of stressful limbo about yet another thing during the coming months. In addition, holding a meeting for the sake of it would result in a weak meeting, which we want to avoid. A fall meeting, if even possible, would interfere with academic schedules that are likely to be strained to begin with.

We considered moving IHCON to 2021 but decided against that as well. This is mostly because there are many other meetings that are being rescheduled for the summer of 2021. One of the important ones, close in content to the IHCON topics, is the ISAAR meeting. We do not want to hold a meeting in August of 2021 because ISAAR is also held in August. The option of trying to have IHCON at Granlibakken immediately before/after the CIAP meeting was rejected as diminishing the impact of IHCON and being too exhausting for anyone wanting to attend both meetings back to back. Other dates were considered but they were not compelling.

We have reserved the following 2022 dates at the Granlibakken:

  • IHAS pre meeting: Tuesday August 9 to Wednesday August 10th
  • IHCON meeting: Wednesday August 10th to Sunday August 14th

I look forward to seeing you once again in 2022.

Our better days are ahead of us!

Sunil Puria, IHCON Chair



Program Committee

At the IHCON 2018 meeting, the following scientists were voted to become the IHCON 2020 (now 2022) Technical Program Committee:

Technical Chair: Louise Hickson, The University of Queensland, Australia

Co-Chairs: Tobias Neher, University of Southern Denmark and Karolina Smeds, ORCA Europe, Widex A/S, Sweden

Organizational Chair: Sunil Puria*, Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts Eye and Ear, USA


*Dr. Sunil Puria has a financial interest in Earlens Corporation, a company that develops and markets hearing aid products. Dr. Puria’s interests were reviewed and are managed by the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and Partners HealthCare in accordance with their conflict of interest policies.