Abstracts, Sig Soli Scholarships, and Poster Guidelines



Attendees are invited to contribute abstracts (400 words or less) of presentations for the scientific program. All presentations should report the results of original research. Presentations that promote commercial interests will not be accepted. Presenters are encouraged to report on recent work or work in progress. In order to facilitate the discussion of new work, there will be no formal publication emanating from the IHCON conference. Contributed abstracts will be reviewed for acceptance/rejection in the program. Accepted abstracts will be designated either for oral or poster presentations. A new abstract submission site is now available.

Submission deadline

Abstracts for all invited and contributed presentations are required and must be received no later than May 17, 2022, for inclusion in the conference program.

Notification of abstract acceptance/rejection will be made no later than June 30, 2022. Note that the submission and acceptance/rejection dates are approximately one month earlier than the dates for previous IHCON conferences. This change is intended to allow international attendees adequate time to obtain passports and/or visas.

Submission process

Sig Soli Scholarships


Undergraduate students, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and medical students and residents are welcome to apply for the Sig Soli scholarship. Female students, under-represented minority students, and students with disabilities are especially encouraged to apply. All student scholarship applicants are required to submit an abstract for presentation at IHCON (see instructions above). Individuals who have received a student scholarship to attend a prior IHCON conference are not eligible. Student scholarships will provide reimbursement for travel, lodging, and food expenses up to $1,000 for attendees from the US and Canada, and up to $1,300 for all other international attendees. The number of scholarships awarded per laboratory or research group may be limited, depending on the availability of funds. The Sig Soli Scholarship is named after the late Dr. Sig Soli, founder of IHCON.

All attendees, including scholarship applicants and awardees, are responsible for reserving their own lodging (at Granlibakken or elsewhere) and meals package (at Granlibakken). Scholarship applicants are eligible to reserve dorm-style accommodations at Granlibakken for a lower price, but availability is limited. For more details, click here.

Scholarship applications must also be received no later than May 17, 2022, for review by the Scholarship Committee.

Applications for student scholarships will be evaluated by a subcommittee of the Steering Committee, and will include representatives of the international research community.

We received 45 scholarship applications, which is a record. All applicants can now register at no cost. The number of  scholarships awarded will depend on the number of attendees that register for the meeting. We have a rolling scholarship award process. The first batch of winners were announced during the first week of July. Additional winners will be annouced towards the end of July. Note that the award reimburses expenses (up to the award limits) for IHCON (and IHAS if applicable).

For awardees coming to the meeting from the US and Canada, your award will reimburse expenses up to $1,000 USD. For awardees coming from outside the US, your award will reimburse expenses up to $1,300 USD. This award amount is in addition to the waived registration fee offered to all scholarship applicants. If you have not yet registered, please do so now at ihcon.societyconference.com. To receive the award, you must submit receipts substantiating your expenses. We will cover expenses related to lodging, travel, and food. Please do not submit receipts for alcohol or any other expenses. At the end of the meeting, please send your collected receipts to admin@ihcon.org in a single email and we will arrange to reimburse you.

Submission process

  • Please visit ihcon.societyconference.com to submit your abstract(s). You will have an option to specify one abstract to be considered for a scholarship. You will be prompted to upload a letter of support from a faculty reference, provide the contact details of your reference, and provide a brief statement describing your interest and/or research in hearing aids.


In addition to the oral presentations in the scientific program, there will be several sessions devoted to poster presentations. A continuing priority of IHCON is to make poster presentations an integral part of the general scientific program, while still allowing for productive interaction and exchange that can go on among small numbers of individuals during poster viewing. Please put up your poster during breakfast on the day of your poster session and take it down at 10 pm.  Poster boards will be provided by the conference center in the Pavilion tent. Posters must be less than 4 ft high x 6 ft wide (i.e., less than 122 cm high x 183 cm wide) to fit on the provided display boards. Landscape orientation is best. Tacks will be provided for affixing posters to the display boards.