Abstracts, Scholarships, and Poster Guidelines




Attendees are invited to contribute abstracts of presentations for the scientific program. All presentations should report the results of original research. Presentations that promote commercial interests will not be accepted. Presenters are encouraged to report on recent work or work in progress. In order to facilitate the discussion of new work, there will be no formal publication emanating from the IHCON conference. Contributed abstracts will be reviewed for acceptance/rejection in the program. Accepted abstracts will be designated either for oral or poster presentations.

Submission deadline

Abstracts for all invited and contributed presentations are required and must be received no later than May 14, 2018, for inclusion in the conference program. Do not expect the submission deadline to be extended.

Notification of abstract acceptance/rejection will be made June 18, 2018. Note that the submission and acceptance/rejection dates are approximately one month earlier than the dates for previous IHCON conferences. This change is intended to allow international attendees adequate time to obtain passports and/or visas.

Submission process

A new electronic means of submitting abstracts will be required for IHCON 2018 using the following steps.

  1. Click on the link to the submission site: www.softconf.com/i/ihcon2018.
  2. If you already have a softconf account, please login with your username and password. Otherwise, create a new account by clicking on the link for new users and entering the requested information.
  3. After logging in to your account, click on the “Make a new Submission” link.
  4. Enter the title of the submission.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions for specifying the author list. You, as the logged-in user, can click on the “Add Self” button to add yourself to the author list. For authors who have already created their own softconf accounts (recommended but not required), each one can be added by typing in their softconf username and then clicking on the “Add existing user” button. For authors who do not have a softconf account, click on the “Add Unregistered User” button, fill in the requested information, and click on the “Confirm” button. Once all of the authors have been added, the ordering of the list can be changed by dragging the entries up or down. Finally, please specify which author is to be the presenter. If this is not specified, the first author in the list will be assumed to be the presenter.
  6. Specify the Submission Type (“Consideration as a poster presentation only”, “Consideration as an oral or poster presentation”, or “Invited oral presentation”).
  7. Specify the Scholarship Type (“Not applying for a scholarship” or “Applying for a student scholarship”). If you are applying for a scholarship, please refer to the additional instructions listed further below.
  8. Copy and paste the text of the abstract (it must be 400 words or less) into the online form. Once your cursor is in the field, a pop-up menu will appear that allows you to insert Greek letters and to specify superscript or subscript formatting for specific text regions. To format a region of text as superscript, place the “<sup>” tag immediately before it and the “</sup>” tag immediately after it. To specify subscript, substitute the respective tags with “<sub>” and “</sub>”.
  9. Specify up to two keywords/topics by checking the corresponding boxes. If one of your keywords/topics is missing from the list, check the “Other” box and enter the keyword/topic in the field below.
  10. Save the submission by clicking on the “Save” button at the bottom of the page. The submission will be assigned a confirmation number and a passcode, which can be used to access the submission later to make revisions (before the deadline) if needed. Please note that scholarship applicants will need to revise their submission in order to access the application form (see below).




Undergraduate students, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and medical students and residents are welcome to apply for scholarships. Female students, under-represented minority students, and students with disabilities are especially encouraged to apply. All student scholarship applicants are required to submit an abstract for presentation at IHCON (see instructions above). Individuals who have received a student scholarship to attend a prior IHCON conference are not eligible. Student scholarships will provide a travel stipend and cover accommodations within the room block reserved for students at Granlibakken. The number of scholarships awarded per laboratory or research group may be limited, depending on the availability of funds.

IHCON scholars will be assigned student housing outside the regular room allocation for all conference participants at Granlibakken. If you are a student applying for a scholarship and are willing to pay and attend the conference even if not awarded the scholarship, you should file an Accommodation reservation with Granlibakken. This will be the surest way to provide space for all conference participants.

Submission deadline

Scholarship applications must also be received no later than May 14, 2018, for review by the Scholarship Committee. Do not expect the submission deadline to be extended.

Applications for student scholarships will be evaluated by a subcommittee of the Steering Committee, and will include representatives of the international research community. Notification of scholarship awards and abstract acceptance/rejection will be made on or around June 18, 2018. As noted above, the submission and acceptance/rejection dates are approximately one month earlier than the dates for previous IHCON conferences. This change is intended to allow international attendees adequate time to obtain passports and/or visas.

Submission process

Scholarship applicants must additionally complete the “Student Scholarship Application Form”, which becomes available after the abstract has been saved (provided the Scholarship Type is set appropriately) by using the following steps.

  1. IMPORTANT: Before attempting to fill out the scholarship application, please have in your possession a PDF file containing a letter of support from a faculty member. You will not be able to save the application if this letter is not attached.
  2. After logging in to your softconf account, return to the “User Console”. Note that the User Console can always be accessed by clicking on the “Usr” link in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  3. Click on “Your current submission(s)” and then click on the link for your submitted abstract. Alternately, you can access your submission by entering the submission passcode contained in your confirmation email.
  4. Click on “Revise Student Scholarship Application Form”.
  5. Enter the contact information for the author applying for the scholarship.
  6. Applicants for student scholarships from the UK should check the box on the Scholarship Application Form stating that they are applying for both the Action on Hearing Loss scholarship and the NIH scholarship. Applicants who are not from the UK should leave this box unchecked.
  7. Fill out the Interest/Research Information for the applicant (200 words or less).
  8. Enter the contact information for the Faculty Reference.
  9. Attach a file containing a single Letter of Support from the specified reference. PDF format is preferred.
  10. Save the submission by clicking on “Save” at the bottom of the page.



In addition to the oral presentations in the scientific program, there will be several sessions devoted to poster presentations. A continuing priority of IHCON is to make poster presentations an integral part of the general scientific program, while still allowing for productive interaction and exchange that can go on among small numbers of individuals during poster viewing. Posters will be available for viewing during the 24-hour period commencing at 5 p.m. the day before the scheduled session, and ending at 5 p.m. the day of the poster session. Poster boards (4 ft high X 6 ft long) will be provided by the conference center.